Tips for Sourcing Live Chat Operators

Live chat has been there for quite a long time, but in the recent days, most companies have discovered its positive effect in the e-commerce industry. If you are in the e-commerce industry live chatting is what you will require, due to its convenience. Live chatting is booming, and this is what most of the online shoppers prefer as a form of communication. For a live chat to be effective there has to be a live chat operator on the other hand. Though it might seem easy to become a live chat operator, there are crucial skills that one must possess. Not every online retailer can become live chat operator, and this requires a specialist in the field. As an online retailer, there are some crucial things that you should check while hiring outsourced support services for your website.

Language that the live chat operator uses

Language is one of the significant challenges in communication. It's challenging to conduct business where there is a language barrier. Though live chatting is a virtual way of communicating, it is recommended when you are sourcing for a live chat operator you first consider whether he is conversant with the language that most of your clients uses. The operator should be able to use the right tenses, punctuations and the correct grammar whenever chatting with the clients. Wrong spellings can cause misunderstanding between the operator and the client.

Use of etiquette

This is another crucial thing when it comes to any form of business. When sourcing for an operator it's your obligation to ensure that he/she is capable of responding to the client without emotions or use of bias language. This helps to create an image of your business. The operator should also be able to adhere to the business ethics and avoid bringing none work related topics during the live chat.


For any business to excel, you must observe all professional ethics while handling your clients. A live chat operator should observe his professional ethics. He should be capable of responding to the clients on time and give the client the necessary information that he/she requires. He should be able to clarify all questions that the clients want and be direct to point. Before terminating any session, he should also ensure that the customer's requests are fully resolved.

The live chat operators should be equipped with all relevant information about the business, to resolve any request from the customer. You should also ensure that he is also capable of using typing indicators whenever responding to the clients, this shows the client that the operator is still online and resolving his request.